A WARNING has been issued by police, urging people in the Kirkley and Pakefield areas to secure their sheds and to be vigilant, after a spate of burglaries in recent days.

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There have been at least half-a-dozen shed burglaries or attempted burglaries in the past few days including four in Ship Road, Pakefield between last Friday, May 4 and Tuesday, May 8. Three sheds were forced open but nothing stolen and one shed had its lock broken but was not entered.

In two other incidents – one in Lawson Road, Kirkley between Saturday, May 5 and Tuesday, and the other in Kilbourn Road, Pakefield between the end of April and Tuesday – items including pedal cycles were stolen.

A boys silver Claude Butler cycle and a ladies green Raleigh bike, along with a Bosch sander and Bosch drill, were taken from the shed at a home at Lawson Road while a mans green bike with a little carrier on the back, a ladies gold bike with a black plastic basket on the front and a set of golf clubs were stolen from the shed at Kilbourn Road.

Police are asking anyone with information about the incidents or the burglar to call the Lowestoft South Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101.

A police spokesman said: “Officers are also asking residents to think about the security of their shed. There are steps you can take to reinforce door locks and you may like to consider fitting a shed alarm.

“These are available from Lowestoft police station for under £10 or can be purchased from most DIY stores. If triggered they make a noise that makes it uncomfortable for the burglar and is likely to alert you or a neighbour to the incident.

“For more information and advice on home, garage and shed security please visit our website www.suffolk.police.uk or contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team by calling 101.

“If you notice any suspicious activity please call police immediately using 999,” the spokesman added.

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  • Yet more break-ins and burglaries to add to the depressingly long list in Pakefield. The police.uk website indicates that there were 31 burglaries in March 2012 in this area. It is difficult to imagine that the figures for April and May will show any improvement when they are available. A recent report on suffolk.police.uk details a case where two individuals were actually arrested soon after they were discovered in a house in Pakefield by a returning resident. As seems to be usual in these cases, the young men, aged 14 and 18, were then bailed, leaving them free to repeat their activities until June 27 at least. I don't know what the answer to this is, but I really feel there needs to be some very positive action so that people can feel more secure in their homes.

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