The family of Lowestoft boxer Anthony Ogogo were set for “massive celebrations” tonight after he powered his way into the quarter finals of the Olympics this afternoon.

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But as his four sisters, Joanne, Leanne, Toni and Carly cheered the 23-year-old on during his epic bout against the top seed in the middle weight (75kg) category, there was a bittersweet emotions as their mother missed seeing the fight because of a serious illness.

As Anthony fought his way to victory against Ukrainian Ievgen Khytrov, his mother Teresa was in the James Paget University Hospital in Gorleston, where she is recovering from a brain aneurism.

But although she could not see her son’s fight, her daughter Joanne telephoned her to say he had won and she was “really pleased” to hear the news

And for Joanne and Anthony’s other three sisters, there were also moments of extreme tension as they watched the fight as he needed a majority judges verdict at the Excel Arena to clinch victory after a tied judges score of 18-18.

The Ukrainian camp then appealed the decision but thankfully for the Lowestoft boxer that appeal was rejected - finally paving the way for Anthony’s quarter final fight on Monday night.

However his sisters were so caught up in the emotion of the fight they did not even realise the Ukrainians had later appealed against their brother’s fabulous victory.

Describing seeing his victory on the BBC, Joanne said: “He has just done so well to get this far – we are so proud and happy for him.

“I don’t know what I was thinking as I was watching him.”

“I was just hoping it would go his way.

“He put up a good fight and he has just beaten the best in the world and held his own – he has done amazingly well.

“It is going to be massive celebrations for us.

“Just want them to bring on Monday now when I am going to see him.”

Joanne, a youth development officer, added: “The unfortunate thing is that my mum has not been to watch any of his fights.

“But his hard work has paid off and he has got that determination from his mum.

“He would have been thinking about her.”

As well as next week’s middle weight quarter final Anthony has also had other good news this week after he became an uncle again after Leanne gave birth to a boy.

On Saturday Leanne, who is married to Jamie Stokeld, gave birth to Sonny James at 3.36am. He weighed 7lb 12oz.


  • I would suggest that your comprehension of written English is the problem, Merrydancer. Perfectly written article, which makes complete sense. Very good, T Goff.

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    Thursday, August 2, 2012

  • @merrydancer - I see no issue with this article. It clearly does not say stones. Good journalism. Regards, Whiley.

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    Whiley Boy

    Friday, August 3, 2012

  • A 7 stone 12lb baby eh?? Yikes...that has got to hurt. Plus "became an uncle again Leanne gave birth to a boy"...may want to re-write that so it makes sense? Honestly, appalling journalism as always takes the edge off an amazing story....well done Anthony, shame that the eejit halfwits at Archant can't do your story justice.

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    Thursday, August 2, 2012

  • @merrydancer - I suggest you read what's written. It clearly says "7lb", and "lb", as any fule kno', is the English abbreviation for "pound". I'm the first to condemn slack journalism, but on this occasion, I have to say that you, as commentator, have not won any medals.

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    T Doff

    Thursday, August 2, 2012

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