The heavy rain which has left Norfolk looking very wet today has not yet reached the Latitude festival in north-east Suffolk, yet.

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Forecasters Weatherquest are still expecting heavy showers to reach Henham Park, near Southwold, overnight.

Dan Holley, forecaster at the University of East Anglia’s Weatherquest, said: “In the north of Norfolk there has been almost 20mls of rain today so it has been thoroughly wet, but most of Suffolk has seen quite a pleasant day.

“But that is going to change this evening because the rain over Norfolk is associated with a front of rain that is eventually going to arrive over Suffolk.

“It is likely that will arrive overnight and could potentially be quite heavy and cause some localised flooding, although not necessarily at Latitude.”

Weather at Henham Park has been fine so far today following a cloudy start with short bursts of light rain.

Mr Holley said he expected the weather to continue to be mixed, with Sunday set to be the best day of the weekend.

He added: “It’s going to be 11C or 12C tonight and tomorrow will probably be cloudy to start with and a light to moderate wind in the morning.

“There will be some sunny spells but probably not until late evening at Latitude. There could be one or two sharp showers tomorrow and it will reach 17C or 18C at best.

“But the best day will be Sunday, when it will be dry and there should be some patches of sun.”

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